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My Girlfriend

06.26.07 | | Permalink | Comment?

I want to let everybody know about my girlfriend, Anastasia Zoe Spencer. I have known Anastasia for about 7 years now. We were both freshmen together at PCC, where Anastasia studied Pre-Med. After PCC, Anastasia went to Columbia University in New York, where she is now in her last year of medical school. Because of […]

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Masters Done!

05.17.07 | | Permalink | 2 Comments

Praise the Lord! He allowed me to get my Masters requirements all completed last week. In all the impossible things that had to be completed to get my thesis done before the end of the semester God showed Himself strong and made it clear it was by His might that I was able to get […]

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My new “digs”

04.16.07 | | Permalink | 1 Comment

For those who don’t know, I have moved. I am now renting a room from a co-worker of mine. A couple of people have been asking for pictures of my new room. So here are pictures of the 4 corners of my room. They start from the door and go counter-clockwise around my room. Let […]


April snow brings what?

04.11.07 | | Permalink | 3 Comments

If April showers bring May flowers, what does April snow bring?

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A Christmas-Easter

04.08.07 | | Permalink | Comment?

When she saw the snow, Mrs. B. said this morning that we were having a Christmas-Easter. I thought that was rather appropriate. At Christmas we rejoice that Jesus the King of Kings humbled Himself to come and die for our sins. Then at Easter we rejoice that He did die for our sins, but didn’t […]


My Desk

02.16.07 | | Permalink | 1 Comment

I have always said that a clean desk is a sign of someone with too much time on their hands. I clearly don’t have too much time on my hands. Looking at my desk today, I was inspired to share some more of my desk philosophies.

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So many beautiful things to see

02.05.07 | | Permalink | Comment?

Here are some pictures from my trip to Arizona. There was so many beautiful things to see, I am afraid my camera was not up to it. Sorry it is so blurry, but you can get a hint of the colors in the sunrise from this. The colors in the sunrise were very brilliant, unfortunately […]

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Over the hill

01.20.07 | | Permalink | Comment?

We had an ice storm and then lots of snow. That made the hills very fast. At the bottom of the hill was a smaller hill that acted as a barrier to keep us from shooting into the trees (think Calvin & Hobbes). Well on the last run, my sister got going so fast she […]

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01.20.07 | | Permalink | Comment?

This is how I spent my morning. Posted straight from my phone with Nakama. If you notice the scenery in the background you can tell this hill was pretty high. It was also quite steep:

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MySQLDump Permissions

12.22.06 | | Permalink | 5 Comments

I wanted to create a user who had just enough permissions to make a SQL dump of my database for backup purposes. I hunted all over the ‘net, but no one told what permissions were needed so by trial and error I found out: GRANT SELECT, LOCK TABLES ON *.* TO backup_user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘xxx’; […]

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