The GNU Emacs Calculator

01.31.13 | Comment?

As an engineer I am always doing some sort of calculations. Now that I am trying to learn emacs, I thought I would see what it could do for me. That lead me to the Emacs Calculator.

  • Calculator Mode
    • Enter calculator mode C-x * c
    • Defaults to RPN mode. Use single quote to start algebra notation.
    • C-h f calc-dispatch-help for a quick list of modes
  • Inline formulas:
    • More information here and here.
    • Enter a formula in your text like this $ 400um / 3s $ (to keep the formual documented, use $ 400um / 3s => $)
    • Put the cursor somewhere inside the “$$” and C-x * e
    • .. and presto: $ 133.333333333 um / s $
    • You can cursor around to other formulas and press enter.
    • To exit calc mode C-x * e
  • Working with a column of numbers:
    • Select a set of numbers (column)
    • C-u C-x * r – Load in numbers as a vector (C-x * g for a line)
    • V u – unpack vector
    • – – – Subtract each number from the next
    • Click somewhere in the original buffer
    • C-x * y – Yank the final result to this place
  • Formatting
  • Units
    • u s – units simplify
    • u c m/s <RET> – convert units to m/s
  • Trail
    • t d (calc-trail-display) – Toggle the Trail history on/off

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