Programming project mangement in Emacs

01.07.14 | 1 Comment

When I am coding I find it really useful to be able to perform operations on the group of files that belong to my current code set. I want to perform operations like:

  1. When opening a file, let me search just among the files in this set.
  2. Close all the open buffers that belong to this set.
  3. Search all the files in this set.
  4. Compile the files in this set.

I have found two ways to do this:


This tool works great, as long as you can programatically define what files belong in your project.

TODO: link and notes.

Filesets + icicles

With this method you have to build your project manually, but that also gives you greater flexibility in defining what is in your project.

First edit/build your fileset. Use the :pattern where possible. Unlike :tree it is not recursive, so it is faster.

The easy commands:

  • filesets-open
  • filesets-close
  • diredp-fileset

Use C-{ to access a fileset in icicles:

  • To open a file: C-U C-x-f C-{ fileset_name portion_of_file_name

http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/Icicles_-_Support_for_Projects – When opening files, you need to use an absolute file path based method


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