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Linux on a Dell Optiplex 320

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Back in the bad old days, installing Linux was hard work. Anymore I expect to be able to pop in a Ubuntu install disk and have Linux installed and running in less than an hour. So I was quite dismayed when, after 3 days, I still was unable to boot Linux on our new Dell […]


His great love

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I have been thinking a lot about Lam 3:22 [It is of] the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. I deserve instant destruction, but by His grace, I am not consumed. But His grace and mercy is even more amazing: instead of getting the destruction I deserve, God has […]

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Personal Statement

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Anastasia and I are looking for residencies for her to apply to. Anastasia has selected Family Medicine as her specialty, a choice that I am very pleased with. Part of the application process, requires that she write a “Personal Statement” explaining why she wants to study Family Medicine. I think Anastasia has written an really […]


And Can It Be

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I have been trying to pay attention to the hymns I have been singing in church. When I stop to actually consider the words, I find that they have some wonderful poetry that beautifully expresses some of the great themes of the Bible. I wanted to take some time to really consider these poems and […]


Thoughts from the NICU

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For the last 4 weeks, I have spent my days in the cool darkness of the Prenatal Pediatrics Ultrasound Unit, at Columbia CHONY. Tiny kicking figures, fleeting across my monitor, at first incomprehensible but then slowly, delightfully human and complete. Evenings, I ran straight back to my study hole, where with Daniel’s constant encouragement, I […]



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As you can see, our blog has had a major overhaul. As you all know, I have a very limited sense of style or design, so Anastasia has been working to try and improve the aesthetics of the blog. We are still working on it, so expect a few more tweaks. 😉 Also, I have […]


By God’s Grace…

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“Crawling is something, even if one is unable to walk. Do your best…leave the rest to God” Martin Luther “And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.” Just two things that are encouraging me currently. So much going on with my medical liscensure […]

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More Holiness Give Me

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The following is a hymn I found last night. It was really a blessing to both me and Daniel, and really describes our heart cry. It is by Philip P. Bliss. More holiness give me, more striving within More patience in suffering, more sorrow for sin; More faith in my Saviour, more sense of His […]

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I am so thankful to God for bringing such a Godly, faithful, mature, funny, caring and absolutely brilliant and wonderful man into my life–my cup runneth over. Daniel has taught me so much about God through the way he lives his life. I truly see Christ in him. We are both thankful for God’s grace […]


Our Blog

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I am very excited that Anastasia is now writing posts for this blog too.  Each message will have the author’s name on it so you can see who posted it.

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