Feynman’s Definition of Science

01.12.09 | Comment?

Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize winning Physicist who was a highly respected not only for his research, but also his lectures. Dr. Feynman gave a very famous set of lectures to the students at Caltech which were designed to introduce undergraduates to the field of physics. On of the principles Dr. Feynman put forth as he introduced the students to the field of physics was: “The test of all knowledge is experiment. Experiment is the sole judge of scientific “truth”” Volume I, 1-1, Introduction

While we do have truth apart from science and experimentation, I found this to be a very interesting definition of science:  science is delineated by the knowledge we have that can be validated by experiment.

This raised the question, what does that say about evolution? No man witnessed the creation of the world. No one has ever seen and no experiment has ever shown one species mutate to another. Which means without experimental validation of evolution, it can’t be science.

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